Kejriwal awarded Rs. 10,000 to Mohammad Afraz, the rapist of Nirbhaya

Remember Mohammad Afroz? Yeah, the ‘juvenile’ monster who raped and murdered Nirbhaya is all set to walk out free on Dec 20th.

To celebrate his freedom, Kejriwal’s govt. Is giving him a loan of 10 K and a sewing machine from the tax payer’s money!

Rejoice, all you young girls from Delhi. Now you can visit this AAP certified honest tailor for all your stitching needs!!

And Kejriwal used to say Delhi will be a safe place for Delhi. You want a rapist to become a tailor? have you lost it or what? Mr. Kejriwal please do not choose profession for your kids.

Kejriwal does not want to loose any chance to capture Muslim votes. Be it Dadri lynching or now Delhi rape. He has to do his dirty politics.

Source:- thelotpot


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6 Responses to Kejriwal awarded Rs. 10,000 to Mohammad Afraz, the rapist of Nirbhaya

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  6. Asad Nawaz says:

    Whoever the wannabe editor of this article is… There is one thing for sure you will always be a wannabe… First of all investigate the whole news before spreading hate, that is unless u r from bjp it cell…. The 10,000 ruppee and sewing machine is not by Delhi govt… It is a scheme launched by none other than your own kachhiwale government . Menka Gandhi was the one who passed this bill in Lok Sabha 2014… Idiot. Now either u apologise or take down this article.. or else I’ll straight away post this to the cyber crime cell


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